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Lotus Biscoff Biscuit - Original Caramalised
4.0|12 ratings

Key Information

  • • Made with a handful of natural ingredients
  • • Vegan friendly, made with RSPO certified palm oil
  • • Contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • • Baked using a unique recipe since 1935

Country/place of Origin



Wheat flour, Sugar, Vegetable oils, Candy Sugar Syrup, Raising agent (Sodium hydrogen carbonate,Soya flour,Salt, Cinnamon

Nutrition Info

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Additional Information

Contains 1 family pack. Family packs contain roughly 32 cookies per pack. Cookies are packaged by weight, so keep in mind that counts may vary slightly.Lotus Biscoff is a unique cookie with a surprisingly crunchy bite and distinctive flavor. Its unique caramelized taste is loved all over the world. Enjoy the uniquely delicious taste all day every day, on your own or with friends & family. The perfect companion for your coffee! Toss them in your lunchbox for a mid-day treat, or have them as a gourmet snack at any time of day whether on your own, with family or with friends. Ideal for topping up your cookie jar and for baking. Our family packs are an excellent snack for your pantry or when entertaining a large group. These packs are also great when you need a large amount of cookies to bake your favorite recipes with, such as cheesecake or tiramisu.