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Boncafe Filter Bags - Natural
40 per pack|Brand:Boncafe
4.6|7 ratings

Key Information

Ecologically friendly, our natural filer paper range is manufactured using the natural colour of the virgin paper pulp. Recommended for those who enjoy their coffee in its most natural state.

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  • Directions:
  • 1. Fold and place a clean filter bag into the top of the automatic drip coffee-maker
  • 2. Place one scoop of ground coffee into the filter for normal strength coffee or vary according to taste
  • 3. Add the appropriate ratio of water to the coffee-maker's reservoir, press the "on" button

Additional Information

Produced in Switzerland, Boncafe filters are made purely from natural materials. Originating from ecologically friendly that practice sustainable farming, our filters comply with the highest food safety standards in Europe.<span style="white-space:pre">